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I know you are not just soft

Like everything I know you are Opposite I know you are the sun and the moon and the stars and the dark and the waves and the park and so I visit you even when our bodies are far. 

I know about your strong and I want to meet every past version of you 

I want to kiss in your childhood bedroom and prove you always deserved it. I know you want to be silent and I know you want to scream and  I know you’re silly and serious and scared and sacred and selfless and words could never do you justice but I want you to see what I see. 

You don’t need to explain yourself to me but I

Crave Your Explanations 

For Everything 

Whatever you want to say

Whatever you Need

Whatever you have the words for

I will listen.


You do not have to apologize for feeling 


You do not have to beg me to care

You are allowed to be messy

But I know why you are soft. 

You are Braver than a World that worked so hard to make you Opposite 

And You Are Everything


Shooting stars and lightning and fate and randomness and rainbows and ART and oceans of gold and every creature every crystal every color every stick and stone

You’re karma 

You’re an angel at the disco

You’re my knight in shining armor 

You’re the maestro and the music and the muse and the meaning

You are all the reason I need to rhyme 

You are a dream I refuse to stop dreaming


I know you are small and I could lift you off the ground and I know you are larger and more meaningful than the entire universe-even the unobservable bits- and I don’t usually fuck with all this meaning but I mean it- and I can’t believe I found you out here In the middle of nowhere 


All the pieces of you fit inside


I don’t have to reorganize


I could make your load a little lighter


I won’t get tired of who you are


(I could never get bored of the stars)


Here is my heart.


I want to handle with care all of your soft and all of your strong if you let me 

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