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And even after the worst of days

The sky still lights up pink for me and the moon is the sun and the children still sing 

Off key but beautiful, meaningful somehow

Meaning that searches and surfs and settles the depths of my soul 

I was them before

And they will be me

And we are all each other. 

You have to forgive yourself

For all of the mistakes you will inevitably make

You are human

It is not world ending

It’s just the passenger side mirror

It’s just a tooth

It’s just life

I break things!

I lose things! 

I’m finding so much!

Objects are less important than they appear 

I am not guilty

(I am not a coward like you

You know who you are

And you have to live with it)

(I am brave enough to choose love

Again and again and again and again

And I have to live with it and 

I do)

I am human

I am a heart

I am an ache

I make mistakes

I choose grace

I choose children

I choose absolution all alone because I am trying my best and my best is enough and my best is different every morning I wake up different in so many ways and I don’t have time to explain or complain I just want to live before I die

I need my time wise

No timeline

I roll I rock I ride

I crash I care I cry and I 

Flow feel float like a Butterfly

Forward like Water like Karma 

Drop me off anywhere and I will 


I Am Evolving Endlessly 

Innocent nature

To make mistakes

Is inevitable 


It’s all apart of it

Everything makes sense this is the experience (and I’m making it up as I go!) ((like a poem!!!)) and nothing makes sense about being alive but

You are.






Broken wings still fly. 

All light has its shadow.

Bravery looks like little bugs and little girls and little by little by little by little 

It’s not about you it’s not about you it’s not about you

Sometimes it’s hard to see it but

Sometimes it’s hard to feel it but 

Everything that falls stops falling at some point

Everything has its landing

Everything has an impact

Death is birth and

Birth is death

And the past is only a lesson I can finally accept as a lesson and not as my Present

The past is what brought me to here

To you

To this blushing sky

To this moon

In our own sweet time

(Knowing this time could be our last)

It’s just money

It’s just material

It’s just my mind

Everything is a mirror

Take a good look 

Keep looking

Keep living

Keep loving

Don’t lie 

You are beautiful chaos

Fragile like a storm

Tough like a violet 

The stuffed animals are for the nightmares 

Miraculous and tragic

The bandaids are for the accidents

You are magic

You are purposeful and meaningful and nothing but chance MIGHT AS WELL DANCE 


Objects are stronger

(Objects are stranger)

Objects are braver 

And clearer and kinder and MORE AND MORE AND MORE 



Even after the worst of days

I find myself here

In everything


Thank you

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